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Attachment focused Baby Sleep Support

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As a baby-led sleep and well being specialist I will be holding a safe space when you need someone to talk to about how exhausting and defeating parenting can be some days.

I am here to help you to feel empowered to follow your instincts, to understand you don't need to be searching for all the parenting answers because I will guide you in discovering that YOU are the BEST answer for your child. 

I want to assist you in recognizing what is working for you and your baby and what is not, while always placing attachment and connection at the highest importance.

I will guide you in learning how to empower your child to get more sleep without sleep training (cry it out) and without the use of a generic schedule or pre-created plan.


I want to find a solution that works for you and your family as a whole. I want to guide you in keeping the things you love, and changing things you don't. We will collaborate to make a custom and individualized plan that feels good in your heart.

We will take a holistic and comprehensive approach while investigating every aspect that could be causing concern.

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"Nadine's support is an investment worth making!! Before we started I was exhausted, frustrated and so discouraged. Overwhelmed with the pressure to have my baby sleep through the night and so many methods. Naps and bedtime were such a battle and frequent wake ups over night had me feeling like a failure. I was convinced I wasn't good enough and needed someone else to step in. That when I found Nadine. 

Nadine's support over the last 3 months has been monumental for our family. The stress surrounding sleep has decressed substantially for both parents and baby. Naps are easy. Bedtime is enjoyable. And the wake ups over night are manageable. For me, it really all started with reorienting my expectations. Nadine taught me what is normal for baby, explored my baby's personality, temperament and needs, and make practical steps to reach our sleep goals. I am walking away confident and  empowered in my mama role with a foundation to tackle any future challenges. 


If you are drowning in sleep deprivation and overwhelmed with challenges of baby's sleep this course worth it. Nadine is sweet, encouraging and so knowledgable. She knows the best person to care for your baby is YOU. She is there to support and empower you, not replace you. "

                Jessica W., Nurse, from St.Joseph (MI) 

"My baby’s sleep was ’normal’ but I was having a hard time coping with all the stressors of being a new mom and didn’t know what to expect with infant sleep.

My baby is sleeping better because I’m a better regulated parent! I’ve become confident in understanding my baby’s needs and cues, and don’t find that I get anxious when she starts crying.

I was expecting to learn about baby sleep and I ended up learning so much about myself! How to become the best mom for my baby and how to calm myself down so I could better help my baby calm down.

Nadine was so helpful in answering any questions I had, and really worked to make sure I got everything figured out that I was having a hard time with. The one on one calls were so helpful, having someone removed from the situation who could give so much wisdom and insight into my baby’s sleep.

This course is an awesome resource to learn more about yourself and your baby in the challenging first year of baby’s life"

Hannah S., Stay at home mom, from Newton (IA)

"Before beginning Nadine’s twelve week program our then 5 month old was waking up every hour during the night and often would have stretches of more than an hour where he would be awake in the middle of the night. While there were many ups and downs throughout the program we were able to implement many strategies and techniques grounded in attachment parenting while shifting our mindset to around baby sleep. In the weeks after the program ended we have been able to regularly reach our goal with the number of wakeups, averaging three instead of eight to ten a night, while also connecting and caring for the emotional well-being of our child. 

A key part of the program was its holistic approach to parenting, not only focusing on sleep but many other aspects like nutrition, activity, and development to bring about a deeper understanding of babies, their needs, but also a reorientation of expectations in order to provide parents with a healthy balance in their life and ensuring that we also took care of ourselves. 

Throughout the program Nadine was available and helpful. She had a non-judgemental posture and was encouraging even when things felt like they were going poorly. Sometimes as parents we feel the need to be in control of everything, but that is simply not possible and she will tell you when and where you need to free yourself of control to allow your child to develop healthily.  

If you feel uncomfortable with cry-it-out methods and sleep training because of how it emotionally impacts you, your child, and your attachment to your child, Nadine is an excellent resource. As a father it was very meaningful to be involved in the program. I always felt welcomed and think more fathers should be involved in programs like this"

Blayne S., Teacher, from Winnipeg (Canada)

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Join my 3 months signature group program

Are you feeling exhausted? tired? anxious? overhelmed?

💫I will help you to find a peaceful & intuitive sleep pattern with your baby so you can regain your energy and fully enjoy being a healthy great mom!🌟

I am going to teach you a proven blueprint to get you from exhaustion and overwhelm to full of energy, ease and confidence. Once you are where you want to be, you will feel empowered and able to enjoy a wholehearted bond with your baby and a peaceful and happy family life. 
You will simply thrive in your new role as a mom!

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