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Nadine Muro

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Baby-led Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist 

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Once I knew I was pregnant I wanted to do absolutely everything possible in order to create the healthiest womb environment for my baby. As I have always been a health advocate beforehand, I knew intuitively how to fully nourish myself from the inside and outside. I complemented my knowledge by indulging in tons of pregnancy literature and attended a holistic birth preparation course with a focus on mental empowerment, which led to a beautiful, natural, self-directed, and fast birth experience. I have given birth within 3 hours without any medical intervention. My confidence in myself and the effectiveness of all the tools I have learned or taught myself during the past years was rising significantly.

And then, my baby was here and the emotional high of the birth was soon replaced by an emotional rollercoaster. The first months after birth I felt anxious, unsure, exhausted, sad, and overwhelmed by so much conflicting information on parenting, baby sleep, and other topics. I deeply wished I had been better prepared for what was coming after birth. I wished I had someone supporting me through the post-partum's highs and lows and guiding me gently through this sacred period of matrescence.
As a certified health coach and baby-led sleep and wellbeing specialist I want to support women holistically. I truly believe that with a healthy body, mind and spirit you can live a happy and fulfilling life!


I studied food science at university (MSc) and have worked in product development, production, and technical sales for many years. I have always been fascinated by natural sciences, particularly biochemistry and neurology. My enthusiasm for healthy eating & living as well as for mindfulness led me to study at the world's largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN. I am a firm believer that all individuals are able to heal themselves by themselves and live their best versions by balancing what nourishes them on and off the plate.

My biggest passion of all, however, is my family. I always knew I wanted to have kids and as my son (and the new mother inside of me) was born, I felt complete. I studied parent and motherhood with all its diverse topics in every detail, I watched webinars and podcasts for hours. I wanted to know literally everything about raising a child.
I love to parent consciously and naturally, and I want to do the best I can in order to lay the right foundations for raising happy, healthy, self-confident, and emotionally strong human beings. 

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