Getting prepared for the most important journey of your life

Matrescence - the transition from woman to becoming a mother is one of the most powerful and elevating changes in the life of any woman. I am here to support you in having a healthy pregnancy, a smooth transition into the new you and a calmer start with your baby.

Zürich, Swi

Zürich, Switzerland

Supporting you through pregnancy and motherhood

Whether you are pregnant, in your early days of motherhood or simply a Mama that struggles to find a balance between self & motherhood, I am here for you.
I will listen to you and support you as you navigate and overcome all the challenges that come with parenthood. I will help you stay accountable in achieving your well-being goals and walk you step by step through any fears  that come with pregnancy and postpartum. Because you matter most. Because all your thoughts and your mindfulness level are essential to the baby's development. 
Take care of you, too! 


About Muro Coaching

Hi, I'm Nadine Muro, Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach & Baby-led Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist. I also hold a MSc. in Food Science.
Above all, I am a passionate Mama.

Once I knew I was pregnant I wanted to do absolutely everything possible in order to create the healthiest womb environment for my baby. As I have always been a health advocate beforehand, I knew intuitively how to fully nourish myself from the inside and outside.